001. Super Bowl Champ Brandon Bing: Being Normal is NOT an Option

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What is life like after the NFL? Brandon talks about feeling like a “normal” person for the first time once his career in football was over. How did he make the transition from being the fastest man in the NFL to starting his own business? Brandon lets us into the struggles and successes he had along the way of being an entrepreneur. Brandon’s sense of humor will have you laughing from beginning to end!

What Brandon and James talk about

  • The transition from a professional athlete to a “normal” person
  • Life after becoming a SuperBowl champ
  • Why Brandon can’t work a 9-5 
  • Chasing the Olympics 
  • Becoming more than an athlete – learning to be vulnerable 
  • The up’s and downs of being an entrepreneur 
  • Why we need to go through the fire
  • Connecting to your inner child 
  • Ego vs. soul – am I feeding my ego or is this fueling my soul?
  • Living in my life purpose

How to Connect With James
Instagram – Give A ShiftYoga IG Account-  Kundalini JawnsFacebook –James Arthur Rogers III

How to Connect With Brandon
Instagram –@BrandonBingFacebook –Brandon BingWebsite –Pro Bing Elite 

Intro Music – Palm Trees – Verbatum Jones feat. Kenneth Sullivan

Pranayam (Beginning Breathe Work) – Ego Eradicator

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