002. The Wounded Healer with Dawn Smesler

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Dawn Smelser is an upcoming author and Yoga Studio Owner in Philadelphia. Her studio Mother Heart Yoga Sangha stands out against your average yoga studio.  It is a place where students are able to dive deep into their yoga practices. It is a studio where you can begin to peel back the layers so that you can connect with your true self. Dawn shares her story of how she escaped a toxic home and had to work up to forty-five job’s to create the life she wanted. Dawn calls herself the wounded healer and helps us to understand how we can begin to turn our pain into purpose.

Topics that will be covered 

  • How Dawn’s studio MotherHeart came into fruition. 
  • Building a yoga studio from the ground up
  • Creating a conscious community 
  • Manifesting Miracles
  • Faith > Fear 
  • Escaping domestic violence 
  • Learning to pray
  • Trusting in spirit
  • Am I always going to be fucked up? 
  • Shadow Work 

How to connect with James 

Instagram –  Give A Shift  

Yoga IG Account-  Kundalini Jawns

Facebook – James Arthur Rogers III

How to Connect with Dawn and MotherHeart Yoga Sangha

Website – Mother Heart Yoga Sangha 

Facebook – Mother Heart Yoga Sangha 

Instagram – @motherheartsangha

Intro Music – Palm Trees – Verbatum Jones feat. Kenneth Sullivan

Pranayam (Beginning Breathe Work) –  Lion’s Breath

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