004. Scott Hillburn: How To Push Past The Limits Of The Mind And Manifest The Life We Want

After seeing Harry Potter for the first time, we all wanted to attend Hogwarts. And guess what, Scott Hillburn found a real-life Hogwarts in The School of Metaphysics. How did he find himself in such a magical place to immerse himself in the studies of the mind, space, time and everything in between? He hit rock bottom. He cut off his childhood mullet, yes, you read that right. Scott grew up in a small Texas town where he was a bullied misfit and his mullet of ten years didn’t help him in the friend or confidence department. 

Scott opens up about his past struggles, shares hilarious stories of going from a nobody to the homecoming king and how he has gone in search of finding the truth by asking questions like, “Who am I?” This interview is going to blow you away. Scott provides us with great tools on how to manifest money and envision the life we want. Buckle up for the ride ahead!

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • How to manifest the life you want 
  • You can be a yogi and a millionaire
  • What is a download and what do we do with these insights
  • How to push past the limits of the mind
  • Gratitude for our parents 
  • Create conscious film 
  • Being an entrepreneur at a young age
  • Rebelling in high school 

How to connect with James
Instagram –  Give A Shift
Yoga IG Account-  Kundalini Jawns
Facebook – James Arthur Rogers III

How to Connect with Scott
Facebook – Scott Hillburn
Instagram – Scott Hillburn

Intro Breath Work & Music
Intro Music – Palm Trees – Verbatum Jones feat. Kenneth Sullivan
Begining Breath Work – Alternate Nostril Breathing

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