005. Sydney Hilburn: The Gypsy Doula

Sydney Hilburn is the Gypsy Doula. Being a doula is something that she was destined for. At the age of fifteen one of Sydney’s friends was pregnant. So what did Sydney do? She was there for her best friend. She was even in the birthing room to support the new mom and baby from beginning to end. 

It took a couple of years and college credits for Sydney to return to her dharma, her doula routes. But after spending six years at The School of Metaphysics with her now-husband, Scott Hillburn. She found her way back home. Sydney takes us through her story, the death of her father, her love story with Scott and her amazing career of being a doula. 

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • Becoming a doula at 15
  • What is a doula 
  • Experiencing death at 13 
  • The cycle of life and death
  • How relationships are part of spiritual growth 
  • Working with the elements 
  • Finding your path through google 
  • How to build a relationship with your inner self/ inner teacher 
  • Hypnobirthing: using mindfulness to childhood education 
  • Manifesting: Creating the image of what you want 

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How to Connect with Sydney

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Intro Music – Palm Trees – Verbatum Jones feat. Kenneth Sullivan

Beginning Meditation-  Ego Eradicator

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