006. Nick Estrada: Wilderness Expert Guide

Coming to you live from Yosemite National Park! Meet Nick Estrada, backpacking guide and wilderness expert. Nick is basically a park ranger. But, instead of collecting trash or telling people to stop feeding the animals all day… Nick is out in the wilderness, exploring Yosemite and taking people on crazy backpacking adventures. 

Nick teaches us about the sequoia tree’s, black beers and the history of Yosemite. His knowledge and insight into the depths of nature will blow you away You may want to start a fire and get your vegan, gluten-free, s’mores ready for these weeks episodes. 

Topics that are discussed 

  • Skipping finals to go on backpacking trips 
  • The magic of Yosemite 
  • The power of Sequoia Tree’s
  • Nick’s encounter with a black bear
  • What to do when an attacked by a bear
  • Yosemite, the heart of the Sierra Nevada 

How to connect with James 

Instagram –  Give A Shift  

Yoga IG Account-  Kundalini Jawns

Facebook – James Arthur Rogers III

Intro Music – Palm Trees – Verbatum Jones feat. Kenneth Sullivan

Beginning Meditation- Wim Hof Breathing

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