008. Casey Trautwein: Lifelong Friends Reconnect In Alaska

Casey Trautwein is a photographer, man of the sea (he works on boat’s) and traveler. But more than that, Casey is my life long friend and old neighbor from Barclay Road. The boat life has brought Casey to Seward, Alaska. Casey has spent the last two summers living and working in Alaska. 

In this interview, Casey takes us into his travels from working with elephants in Thailand to sailing the sea’s of Alaska and getting to know the killer whales and bald eagles of the land. We talk about the importance of community and how to create a community wherever we go. We also discuss how running has played a major role in our life. 

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • What makes Alaska special
  • Working with elephants in Thailand
  • How to create community
  • Growing up in Philadelphia
  • Barclay Road (Our childhood neighborhood)
  • The gift of running
  • How to breathe when running
  • Bursting your bubble (getting out of your comfort zone)

How to connect with James 

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Facebook – James Arthur Rogers III

How to Connect with Casey

Instagram –Casey Trautwein

Intro Music –Palm Trees – Verbatum Jones feat. Kenneth Sullivan

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