009. Pavanjeet: Tapping Into Our Emotions & Learning To Trust Yourself

Charging your battery, learning to trust yourself, building community and tapping into fear. Pavanjeet takes us through his life story of how he was able to lift himself from the darkness through developing a daily practice. Pavanjeet is a kundalini yoga teacher, sound healer, and astrologer based in Boulder, Colorado. 

Growing up as a queer boy in a conservative family in Texas, Pavanjeet moved to New York City after high school where he found himself emersed in the club and drug scene. It wasn’t until his father died that he realized he needed to make a change. So he packed his bags and headed to India in search of reconnecting with his true self. 

Pavanjeet teaches us how to tap into our emotions and listen to our body instead of our mind. He talks about the importance of building a community and creating a daily practice. Throughout the entire interview, Pavanjeet gives up tips and insight on how to bring vitality and new growth into our lives.

Topics that will be covered

  • Discovering his body through yoga 
  • Let’s stop saying sorry for everything
  • Joining the club & drug scene in NYC 
  • Responding to wake up calls
  • Losing his father at a young age 
  • Seeing the brilliance in everyone 
  • Tapping into fear
  • Uplifting one another in a relationship 
  • Spending five months in India
  • Beginning to trust yourself 

How to connect with James 

Instagram – Give A Shift  

Yoga IG Account-  We The Shift Yoga

Facebook – James Arthur Rogers III

How to connect with Pavanjeet

Website – Pavanjeet

Instagram – PavanjeetSK

Intro Music – Palm Trees – Verbatum Jones feat. Kenneth Sullivan

Pranayam (Beginning Breathe Work) – Ego Eradicator

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