012. Geenie Celento : How to Reconnect to Your True Self Through Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology

Geenie is a wizard, a modern-day Dumbledore. Dumbledore never tried to make Harry Potter great. He simply reminded him of who he was. He woke him up to his infinite potential. He helped him connect to his innate gifts. Like the greater Professor, she does not try to fix people or change them. She helps them reconnect to their true selves. 

Geenie is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Vedic Astrologer. In this interview, we cover a range of topics from the stars, the moon, gut health and where disease begins. Geenie’s knowledge and insight will help guide you on your path. Even though Ayurveda is an ancient science it still is able to help people in the toxic society that we live in today. But how do we connect to our truth and intuition when we are so disconnected? Where do we begin? Listen up and so you can begin to start peeling back the layers to connect to your inner guide. 

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • How Geenie overcame an autoimmune disease
  • Ways to reconnect to our true self
  • The importance of community 
  • How disease begins in the body and the mind
  • How to work with the energy of the moon
  • What to do when mercury is in retrograde
  • Stepping out of the victim mentality
  • Getting in touch with your strengths
  • How to live in a toxic world

How to connect with James 

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How to connect with Geenie

Instagram –  Botanic Alkhemy

Website – Geenie Celento

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