017. Collin Johnson : Trauma to Dharma

How does our trauma shape our life’s purpose? How do we find the courage to step out of the darkness and into the light? We all have pain, so how do we turn that pain into purpose? While we cannot change what has happened to us, we can choose how it will transform us. We can choose what happens next.

Collin has made a choice to not let his past define him. His reliasancy is inspiring. His story shows us how we are all connected and we are not alone in our suffering. This interview is raw and vulnerable. Collin is an ayurveda student and sound healer. He has healed himself from an autoimmune disease and he has made the transformation from a victim to a hero. 

  • How we can heal with sound
  • The power of mantra 
  • Healing from an autoimmune disease
  • Uncovering childhood trauma 
  • Healing from trauma 
  • Turning pain into purpose 
  • How our trauma creates our fetishes
  • “The Body Keeps the Score”

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